Discussion Topics

We propose a LATAM NIME Research Network, with which we aim to start a discussion and generate ideas around short-termed actionable initiatives that the network and the community could explore in the near future. Some of these actions include:

  • Establishing a LATAM NIME Network:

    • Building stronger ties through multiple communication platforms (e.g., a mailing list, a Discord Server, a Slack Workspace, a Telegram/WhatsApp group, a wiki, a forum, etc.)

    • Developing LATAM NIME pedagogies

    • Organising mentorship programmes

  • Exploring LATAM NIME Perspectives:

    • Decolonising NIME research

    • Making NIME research more affordable and resourceful

  • Thinking of Next Steps for LATAM NIME:

    • Hosting more NIMEs in LATAM

    • Organising Local NIME Chapters and Hubs in LATAM (As well as organising regular local and remote events)

    • Writing NIME Papers in the Languages of LATAM

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