Code of Conduct

Please read below.

We aim to have an inclusive, respectful and productive online workshop, in which we generate many useful ideas together whilst remotely. To achieve this we ask you to:

  • Use an appropriate username so that we can identify you by your name (Please avoid alias or nicknames like 'Tiger123').

  • Raise your hand and respect people‚Äôs turns to speak.

  • Mute your microphone unless it is your turn to speak to avoid noise.

  • When your camera is on, make sure you are facing the camera, visible, with good lightning and background.

  • Avoid using offensive language. Any kind of harassment, bullying or hateful speech will not be tolerated.

A multi-lingual workshop

For inclusivity we will facilitate people’s expression in their native language. We have a few trilingual moderators (proficient in English, Portuguese, and Spanish) so support for simultaneous translation is limited, and not possible beyond these three languages.

If you choose to speak your native language we ask you to please:

  • Speak at a moderate pace

  • Avoid colloquial language

  • Ask others if what you said was clear

  • Allow the translator to intervene if necessary

If you have trouble understanding someone’s native language:

  • Do not interrupt the speaker

  • Raise your hand

  • Type ‚Äútranslation please‚ÄĚ in the chat

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